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Woman and Little Boy


Cold….windy….semi wet !! that about sums up the weather over last weekend. For most anglers, the fish cooperated…big fish, big weights. Here’s the recap:
· Little Boy/Wabedo – May 30, 2015 out of Little Boy Resort. Thank you to the resort for allowing the weigh-in. the campers at the resort were amazed at the fish in ‘their’ lake that some have been camping on for more than 30 yrs. Everyone put on a good show – thank you.
o 21 teams with John Janousek and Mark Stangeness bringing in the big weight @ 21.90# of giant smallies. Jason Meshsikomer and Grant Miller took 2nd @ 21.48#, 3rd place went to James Chapman & Eric Fabano @ 21.09, 4th place went to Tony Dvorak & Dustyn Gerads @ 20.18 (Tony told me he had never been on the lake before and was fishing the tourney blind….do I believe him ??). the ‘Just-Out-Of-The-Money’ NSTT custom rods went to Mark and Mike Perrson @ 19.78#. Big Bass went to James and Eric with a 5.24# smallie.

· Woman Lake – May 31st, 2015. Colder, but dryer. Thank you to Jeff an Lori Burke (Woman Lake Lodge and Resort) for allowing the NSTT to hold the ease-off and weigh-in on the resorts shoreline. Bigger smallies again. Repeat winner again.
o 27 teams entered the tournament – more than double the entries in 2014. Brian Blaeser & Karl Klemmen took 1st place with a 5 fish limit @ 25.56# of smallies (over a 5# per fish average). 2nd place went to John Janousek and Mark Stangeness @ 24.90 #. 3rd place went to James Chapman & Eric Fabano @ 24.63#. 4th place went to Connor Leajgeld & Jerimiah Johnson @ 24.48# with a 5.76 big fish, 5th place went to Dean Capra & Jim Severson @ 24.48 ( and a 5.52# big fish). The ‘Just-Out-Of-The-Money’ NSTT custom rods went to Bob Perkins & Chuck Fields @ 23.09#. Big Bass monster went to Trent Glover & Dave Pehan with a 6.56# smallie.