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June 2016

YTD Standings

Team of the Year Results (to date after 4 NorthStar events have Jim Merthan and Dave Skallet in first place with 432.85 points Torrie Oswald and Bob Biehler hold onto 2nd with 418.35 points.    To date, 6 teams have qualified for the Year End Tournament on Pokegama Sept 11th & 12th.  Another 19 teams have fished at least 2 events.  With 4 NorthStar Tournaments yet to come, many teams could qualify for the fall Y.E.T.  To qualify, a team must have fished in a minimum of 4 NSTT tournaments (substitute partners are allowed…call if u have questions).


Waconia – June 26th.  MORE WIND !!.  a few teams stuck in out in the waves, but most found places to fish along the west shore or around the island…tuff conditions.  The team of Jim Merthan and Dave Skallet took top honors with 18.17 #’s for $ 1950 and Big Bass for another $ 190.  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride team of Eric Fabano & James Chapman took another 2nd place finish with 18.13 #’s….4/100’s of a # behind Jim and Dave.  This is the 3rd time in 4 events Eric and James have taken 2nd place this yr in the NorthStar series (and their 5th – 2nd place finish in tournaments they fished this yr…some day ???  3rd went to Josh Nelson & Mike Brill @ 17.71 #’s, 4th place went to Joe and John Patock @ 17.57 #’s.  The ‘Just Out of the Money’ rod pkg went to the Team of John Zvorak and Mike Larson @ @ 15.23 #’s.



Clearwater - June 25th.  Windy…to say the least.  Clearwater saw Arnold Helgerson take first winning $ 2400 & Big Bass for another $ 220 while fishing alone with a nice bag @ 18.15 #’s.  Eric Fabano & James Chapman took 2nd @ 16.76 #’s followed by the team of Arnie Nichols & Gregg Peterson @ 16.72 #’s.  4th place was the team of Torrie Oswald and Bob Biehler @ 16.56 #’s.  Aaron Teal & Mark Shirley won the ‘Just Out of the Money’ custom rods from Phil Wilcox w/16.13 #’s.

Ten Mile and Woman Recap

DOUBLED UP !!!!  Dean Capra and Jim Severson won both the Ten Mile tourney on Saturday and the Woman Lake tourney on Sunday.  All results can be seen on the web site.
Ten Mile:  Dean and Jim beat out Brian Blaeser and Karl Klemmen by 0.05 #  .. 5 -100sts of a pound.  18.10 for Dean and Jim, 18.05 for Brain and Karl.  Conditions were less than good by a long shot, with relatively high winds, rain/drizzly and temps around 60 all day.  Weigh-in went very smooth at Quiet Woods Resort on Ten Mile…that’s a tribute to all anglers on their experience at the weigh-in site.  Bob, Lee and I thank all of the teams for making this a smooth weigh-in.  Pretty much a smallie bite…with a few LMB thrown in.  3
rd place went to John Janousek and Mark Stangeness…4th, the husband/wife team of Corey and Lisa Putnam.  All teams weighing fish had the 5 fish limit.  John Fairbanks and Dave Ham took ‘Just Out of the Money’ two rod pkgs…a $ 200 per rod value.
[if !supportLists]·
         [endif]A special ‘Fishing with Class’ comment has to go out with the team of Eric Fabano and James Chapman who came to the scales with what would have been 4th place $$ @ 17.39 #’s, however they disqualified themselves immediately as the advised they were late…just wanted to see what their weight would have been….Thanxxxxxxxxxxxx…
A total of 105 fish were brought to the scales weighing in at 295.88 #’s…an average weight per fish of 2.818 # per fish.  Tournament had a 99.05% live release total.  (1 out of 105 didn’t make it).
Woman Lake…about time all of us keep this our little secret !!  Unbelievable again.  30 team entered… 2 had to pull out at the last minute because of medical or family issues…ie 28 including myself and Bob.  Average weight per fish at the scales was 4.274 #’s per fish…100% live release.  Perfect !!  25 teams brought 5 fish limits..19 teams with a 5 fish limit OVER 20 #’s.  Big fish weighed at the scales – 4 over 6 #’s, 5 more over 5 #’s…and that’s letting a team weigh only 1 big fish.  Guessing 25 + over 5 # were in the basket.
Dean and Jim won by a little over ½ #..with a 5 fish limit @ 26.82 #’s.  2
nd place went to Eric Fabano and James Chapman with 26.16 #’s, Matt Christy and Craig Pierce took 3rd @ 25.14 #’s and a 6.44 # smallie that took big bass honors and $ 270 for that beauty.  4th..Brian Blaeser – Karl Klemmen @ # 25.09, 5th John Zvorak and Bill Low @ 23.90.  ‘Just Out of the Money’ went to Aaron Teal and Mark Shirley..23.70 #’s.
Lake Mille Lac – Cancelled !!  only 1 entry in hand as of yesterday, a few phone calls advising they might jump in.  Bob, Lee and I will not run a tournament for 4 or 5 teams…
Note:  from the phone calls I received the last month or so, without the slot restriction, I would have bet a minimum of 20 teams would have chased both LMB’s and SMB’s. 
I did speak to Brad Parsons, MN DNR Fisheries manager for Mille Lac,  yesterday as well advising of our decision to cancel the tournament.  Brad commented the DNR would be reviewing rules governing Mille Lac later this fall.  Hopefully, permitted tournaments will have a chance.  As of right now only 3 tournaments have had the restrictions lifted.
Up next – get your entries in ASAP.
Clearwater on Saturday June 25th, launch any access, ease-out at 6:30 am (instead of 7:00 am) from Camp Friendship Learning Center’s docks.  Weigh-in @ 3 pm at Camp Friendship.
Waconia on June 26th.  Launch any access – ease-out will be from the public access on the east side of the lake @ 6:30 am.  Weigh-in at the Carver County Park at 3:00 pm. 
There is a marathon being held on the lake that morning as well…from the county park on the east side of Waconia.  Their swimming portion is first, so please be aware of the swimmers early in the morning.  I suspect they will be swimming from the county park to the island and back.  This should conclude before 8 am. 

Woman Lake


Ten Mile Lake