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2018 Schedule:

June 2 (Saturday): Whitefish Chain - Moonlight Bay Bar & Grill
June 3 (Sunday): Woman - Woman Lake Lodge
Saturday Aug 11th – Gull Lake – Ernie’s on Gull
· Sunday Aug 12th – Whitefish Chain – MoonLite Bay Bar & Grill
· Saturday Sept 8th – Pokegama – Tioga Beach Landing
· Sunday Sept 8th – Pokegama – Tioga Beach Landing



NorthStar Tournament Trail is a Minnesota based Tournament circuit run by Steve Soukup, Lee Erickson and Bob Spreigl. This circuit is meant to be FUN, FLEXIBLE and INEXPENSIVE. All tournaments will be on weekend dates….ie Saturday and Sunday with just a few Friday events. A Year End Tournament (Tournament of Champions of sort) will be held in mid-September, on some very popular lakes. Hope to see you on the water!

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